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I am a photographer . I create images . I care about this planet

Commercial work

Most of my commercial work is focused on photos of architecture and real estate. Covering prestigious projects for real estate agencies, hotel chains, architectural firms and construction companies and making spectacular homes look their best is what I have been doing for well over a decade.

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Nature and Conservation

An image can be a powerful tool for conveying a message and delivering an impact on the viewer. I have used my images for promotion of Mexican biodiversity since 2001 when I founded the Viva Natura initiative.

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I was lucky enough to have had a very happy childhood despite the oppressive communist regime in my home country of Czechoslovakia. Nature was my playground and I enjoyed traveling with my family within the regions that used to be opened to us behind the (in)famous Iron Curtain. When I was six years old I got my first camera. It was a funny plastic contraption called Corina and I loved it. My father and I used to monopolize our only bathroom for hours, converting it into a makeshift dark room lab. We developed our own films, made our own prints.

This was the birth of my photography pursuits.

above photo ... getting ready for an aerial photo session, Banderas Bay, Mexico.

Over the next decades I didn’t let go of my cameras. They were my tools during university studies, they collected memories on my travels. Later on they became instrumental in my efforts to bring public attention to conservation issues in my new home country, Mexico.

I have also used my cameras extensively as a commercial photographer for the last 15 years. The main focus of my work has been architecture and photography for real estate. From luxury villas on Caribbean beaches, through apartment and office buildings in sprawling cities up to lodges on snow covered peaks, my work has taken me to fabulous places and allowed me to get acquainted with beautiful homes.

The Mexican Pacific coast, my home, still remains my favorite place though. Its natural beauty keeps me busy and happy here. There are also many outstanding pieces of architecture to be photographed. Breathtaking views and exceptional locations enrich them in an unforgettable way. The nature’s inspiration often reflects in their lines, shapes and colors.

To this inspiration I dedicate my work …

– Petr Myska –

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