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Into the wild

[slider navigation_style="none" custom_slider_transition="move"] [slide] Wilderness or wildland is a natural environment on Earth that has not been significantly modified by civilized human activity- the most intact areas left on our planet. [/slide] [/slider] The commission recommended the nation protect wild rivers from development that would change their wild or scenic nature. The National Wild...

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Branding logo

[slider navigation_style="none" custom_slider_transition="move"] [slide] A logo is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition. [/slide] [/slider] On the other hand, a brand is a name, term, design, symbol or other feature that distinguishes one seller's...

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Souvenirs as gifts

A souvenir is an object a person acquires for the memories the owner associates with it. A souvenir can be any object that can be collected or purchased and transported home by the traveler as a memento of a visit. While there is no set minimum...

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