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Penthouse twilight shot

Garza Blanca penthouse photo Petr Myska

Penthouse twilight shot

Before and After

[Garza Blanca Penthouse, twilight shot] 

Once you chose your angle, set up the camera and arranged the scene, you wait for the prime twilight moment to take your shot. With this, you covered the basics. But is that it? Isn’t there anything else you can do to make your image truly pop?
You bet there is!

Which of these two images do you think will sell better this multimillion dollar property? Both are the same scene, taken at the same time with the same camera. The difference is the extra effort in the way of additional lighting and post production techniques. There are 25 strobe blasts of different intensities and angles in the shot on the left and quite a bit post production tweaking.

Would you say it was worth it?

Garza Blanca Photo Petr Myska

Garza Blanca Photo Petr Myska

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