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Petr Myska electronic publications

Architecture and Real Estate Photography

Making great spaces look their best.

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Destination and Lifestyle Photography

Conveying the heart and soul of a special place.

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Nature and Conservation Photography

Let images speak. Help save the planet.

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I am a photographer based in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The main focus of my commercial work is real estate, architecture, lifestyle, destination and tourism photography. Nature and conservation photography are both my hobby and my calling.


Creative Ideas

I will find a way to show your home in the best light.


World Wide Coverage

I will travel anywhere to attend your project.



Images are delivered within a week after the shoot. You will meet your deadline.


Customer Account

I will deliver images through an exclusive, password protected customer account.


About me

I got my first camera at the age of 6. Since then I haven't gone anywhere without one. I always work with a camera in my hand. Either on commercial projects or covering nature conservation issues.

Non Profit Projects

I support with images projects dedicated to expanding our knowledge of the living world, such as CONABIO Image Bank and iNaturalist. I founded the Viva Natura Projects dedicated to Mexican nature.

Photography workshops

I occasionally organise basic and advanced photography workshops in Banderas Bay area. Those interested in keeping in touch over such events, contact me through the contact form page.

Architectural and Real Estate Photography

The focal point of my commercial work is architecture and real estate. From boutique villas on Caribbean beaches, through city office buildings up to mountain lodges on snowy peaks.

Nature and Conservation Photography

I have a passion for nature. I help promoting Mexican biodiversity through all available channels. In web, TV, radio, printed media and recently also mobile apps.

Lifestyle and Destination Photography

Conveying the feeling of a special place through image is a very enjoyable challenge. Colours, textures, shades of light, all need to come in play in perfect harmony.


My work has been featured in the Science Magazine, BBC, Four Seasons, Tropical Experience, Arquitectos Mexicanos and many other media. I also self publish field guides on Mexican nature both in print and electronic media.


I produced and co-produced several documentaries on Mexican nature, conservation efforts and biodiversity of Banderas Bay. Our efature documentary Touch of the Blue Crocodile (2012) has participated in numerous film festivals.

Aerial Photography

I have been working on aerial photography projects for over a decade. Taking pictures from a low lying, doorless Cessna is one of my favorite thrills. I also offer low altitude photography from a drone.